The Everythingness

by Paul Sottnik

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"The Everythingness" is a four piece band featuring Buffalo musicians Zach Steinberg on bass, Jason Pace on Guitar and Trevor Jennings on drums. Paul Sottnik plays keyboard, wrote the songs and produced the album.

"The Album" was recorded live on a Wednesday night on 8 tracks. Yes, there are a few vocal overdubs. But we still kept the majority of our glaringly obvious mistakes. You're welcome.

"The Everythingness" is Paul's response to an increasing pressure to blur the lines between genre related barriers, hoping he can unite listeners taste over a wide range of preferences. Although this was the approach for many of his compositions on the preceding "MELA" release, "Everythingness" explores a darker and more diverse musical vocabulary. The songs were written over the two years spanning a time from his last semester of college to his subsequent adjustment to the proverbial "real-life". Each song utilizes a certain phycological element. "Cannibal" explores natural greed in the human subconscious as our character's narrative lament's his susceptibility to freudian-like habitual cycles. "Furthur" is inspired by the character Sandy in "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe. (Ten out of Ten, would recommend) Sandy plays the game harder than anybody else, really breaks through, and then goes home because he can't take it anymore. Alternatively, a poignant and ubiquitous sense of doom is explored in "Elevator Music", which Paul hopes will provide the listener with the acute sense they are free falling down a cement, and most likely fatal abandoned industrial elevator column. "Goldfish" is this thing about a thing. It's just trying to be real.

If you like this album you might like the bands that inspired it. Go listen to;
"Of Montreal", "The Doors", "Sufjan Stevens", "Radiohead", "King Krule", "Ted Hearne", "Ben Folds", "Gabriel Kahane", "Beth Rowley", "Snarky Puppy", "The Grateful Dead"


released June 26, 2017

Produced by @SottnikMusic

Mixed and Mastered by Greg Hill

Recorded live at Leaky Ledge Studios in Tonawanda, NY

with Paul Sottnik on vocals, organ, and keyboard
Jason Pace on Guitar
Trevor Jennings on Drumset
and Zach Steinberg on bass and harmony vocals for "Goldfish" and "Elevator Music"

Album Art by Zachary Tietje

The first minute and a half of "Elevator Music" is an original composition by Zach Steinberg entitled "Massada"

All other songs were composed by Paul Sottnik and arranged by the band.

Special thanks to Alex Viola, Steve Lattimore, Chris Komin, "All'amore", Gabriel Kahane, Selina Kyle, "MELA", Phyllis East, Bruce Johnstone, Kristen Anderson, Joseph Sottnik, Linda Phillips and many more.




Paul Sottnik Buffalo, New York

Paul has a BA from Fredonia State and writes a lot of music.

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